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In the words of the great Steve Jobs:
“We always start with the customer experience and work backwards”

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See return on investment (ROI) between 25-40% within 12 to 18 months after our technology is deployed.

Our platform drastically changes the way we think about how traditional property management and how landlords and tenants interact.

Security cameras can keep tenants safe and protect an owner from liability or property loss. Smart thermostats lower utility costs and enable landlords to control their energy spend for common areas, smart locks can enable safe package deliveries and eliminate the hassle and expense of re-keying.

Besides these operational gains, landlords are also likely to see increased demand from smart device implementation. The perceived value of these kinds of amenities are starting to allow for a price premium, especially in younger demographics.

Our platforms offers renters useful tools to control the devices in their individual apartment while giving owners and managers a dashboard to streamline unit turnover, maintenance and creates other operational efficiencies.

For commercial buildings, the transition to smart buildings having a ‘Digital Twin’  is vital to the growth of the organization. It will help management save time money and reduce friction through better efficiency as well as improved overall building operations.

Konectcity Technology will save Time, Money & Reduce Friction

Konectcity Technology provides a unique ability to quickly and painlessly adapt to the latest technologies and connectivity strategies to dramatically increase the value & efficiency with Digitization, Visualization & Automation of all Operations into a Single Platform in Real Time

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