Konectcity Technology allows organizations and operators to have instant access and actionable insight of their entire workflows, assets located anywhere in the world, all decision making tools at their fingertip. Automation minimizes or prevents all together the damage and loss of revenue as problems are proactively identified and resolved.


All data and anomalies are constantly scanned and converted into on screen graphics and alarms with corrective action giving operators greater control of ongoing processes with.

Central hub collates all data without skipping a beat. For example: cracked or damaged electrical transmission lines, produce ultra-sonic sound. This is detected as an alarm state along with details of equipment, location corrective action. This would normally pass unnoticed until sparks fly around or a short circuit occurs.

Konectcity Technology Stack

System architecture is based on a Quantic Graphic Geospatial Engine capable of combining infinite layers aggregating all sort of technologies, data, systems, and subsystem.

Using advanced algorithms and Ai with learning capabilities that are optimized will to respond to actual and true variables and not to pre-set values.

System is used for supervision, command, and control in MCS – Mission Critical System environments such as port, airport, military, cargo hangar, passenger terminal, security and intelligence areas, where the aggregation of data comes from different sources and heterogeneous systems in real time letting users have full vision of the situation and therefore monitor and take control by using a single system and a single interface.

It is the only tool of its kind available in the marketplace, able to address specific needs for control and management rooms in different operational scenarios.
The interaction with the system takes place through a multi-touch native interface, operating in a 2D or 3D environment. The latter has been specifically created for new generation devices, with which the user can operate in a totally simple and natural way, with just a simple touch. Konectcity makes it possible to represent vast amounts of heterogeneous and geo-referenced data thanks to a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The Interaction takes place through a native multi-touch interface within  2 or 3-dimensional environments, built to be used on new generation interaction devices with forward and backward compatibility thanks to the touch and stroke gestures that are natural to humans.


Equipment utilization is an important metric that construction firms always want to maximize. Unused machines should be released earlier to the pool so others can use them on other sites where they are needed.

With advanced imaging and automatic tracking, it is possible to know how many times each piece of machinery has been used, at what part of the construction site, and on what type of the job.

There are tough regulations on how to monitor people presence on a construction site. This includes having a digital record of all elements, personnel and their location within the site, so that this information could be used by rescue teams in case of emergency. This monitoring is another digital plug in offered by our platform.

Digital copies of all elements provides instant access to all the information about a construction site, down to smallest details about every person, tool, and bolt.

  • Final measurements of a beam or that soil volumes in the cuts are close to those of the fills.
  • Track how fast the supply of materials runs out, and re-order supplies automatically.
  • AI sends alerts on screen when maintenance is due.
  • Be aware of problems before they become critical.

Our platform is essentially a link between a real world object and its digital representation that is continuously using data from the sensors. This data is used to establish the representation of an existing object in a VR world so that, from one single screen, you interact with the 3d virtualization of every connected asset wherever located in the globe.

Moreover, if the designer has originally determined specific equipment and their usage, our platform will intake all data related to their energy consumption so to always find the best possible balance considering all variables related to season, settings and occupancy.


When one of the hardest earthquakes hit the country last September, our technology using sensors and remote access protocols to instantly collect and coordinate data, automatically switched to all communication protocols available to co-ordinate safety procedures in 123 nurseries connected to our platform across the country.

300 people connected to a single hub, ensured safety of 16,900 children in under 2 minutes.

These are the benefits of our system employed in public places, schools and campuses for the safety of all where co-ordination and time are essential issues in life saving operations.

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