“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

We were among the early founders of IoT technologies, first to discover the key of interoperability across different platforms, data and systems.Our ability to collate data and unify all input into a single ecosystem gave us the capacity to respond to the most complete and advanced needs in the commercial real estate industry.We can satisfy all different perspectives offering meaningful and insightful  real time data to investors and owners,  a direct control on properties and all related services, control all costs with accuracy and ensure correct maintenance and upkeep using our predictive machine learning capabilities.



We all share the same passion for technology and innovation . We wanted to find the best possible way to satisfy our clients without fragmenting their interests using different technological adoptions and software. The idea of connecting machines, sensors, database, services, different technologies and platforms is the very core of our mission from its first day.


Serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology. First to envision the master key for interoperability across different platforms and systems. His determination was powered and endorsed by IBM helping him in progressing through the final stage of his achievements. He is the visionary and the founder behind our all encompassing technology. With a number of partners connected to American funds and firms he is currently the main supplier of automated systems for aerospace companies and large car makers such as FCA


Rayaan is Founder of FundingTree.com and working on an exciting innovation that will integrate Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology into all facets of a Real Estate transaction. He is an Entrepreneurial Leader, Innovator & Visionary and holds key positions as investor and advisor including Kodak and Topgolf. He has been highly successful in multiple leadership roles across Financial transactions, Commercial Real Estate Acquisition & Disposition, Portfolio Management, Debt & Equity Financing. He is also the Senior Vice President at NADG NNN Property Fund a Private REIT managed by a National Developer with $4 Billion AUM


Alberto is a passionate team leader with an enthusiastic vision for our developments. He really believes that what we do is helping others to progress for better equality, safety, and fast procedures. Our capability of connecting data and systems coordinating efforts and all information at the same time can help save lives, reduce energy consumption and help the environment. He is restless in pulling the best out of our technical team with an endless search for optimization.

ALFREDO CIRCOSTAHead of Operations
Talented engineer specialized in advanced electronics, robotics and instruments. Early innovator and the first in connecting automated robots for car makers manufacturing lines. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Maserati are still using his technology for their manufacturing plants. He was with KonectCity from day one in developing the multi layers of our platform testing integration processes and operations across different systems, platforms and database.
Matteo Guidorossi
Matteo GuidorossiSoftware Engineer
He is the software guru who wrote the firs seed of software interoperability across different systems and platform. His signature can be found in any motor company in the world as motor scan diagnostic language package is based on his applications. He built major platforms for UPS and other international parcel companies where data sync is a fundamental issue. He is always one step ahead with his restless pursuit for innovation. A true maniac of details, he gives no chance to mistakes.
Marco Fontana
Marco FontanaHardware & Support engineer

Experienced in mechatronics and electronics, engineering and advanced machine learning computer science, he has a deep knowledge and project skills in programming  and controlling actuators using sensors with programmed embedded systems. Influenced by a past experience working with one of the greatest contemporary architects, Renzo Piano, his care for seamless smart building automation and integration is fueling our developments.

George Radu
George RaduSenior Vice President - Global Expansion

Problem solver with 22+ years business experience spanning CEO, Managing Partner, Business Owner, Executive roles, delivering shareholder value and revenue growth, passionate for optimizing performance and maximizing profitability, strategic business development, sales, marketing, product, project & international business development, business transformation, competitive management, organizational and leadership development.

Dr Jay Patel
Dr Jay PatelStrategic Partner - Advisor

Dr Jay Patel, is a strategic partner and advisor. He is a serial entrepreneur & Founder of Investment group EDGE196. 

Dr. Patel searches for outstanding founders, forms cross-functional teams, brings together world-class mentors, and makes qualified investments. For the last three years, entrepreneurs and experts from over 60 countries have joined the EDGE196 ecosystem. More than 3,000 startups have participated in the EDGE196 global startup competition series.

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