How we re-shape the industry

The basis for these cutting-edge technologies is the availability of data.

Reducing costs, reducing down-time, reducing TAKT time, reducing MUDA, maximizing efficiency and profits at the bottom line.

Through digital twins, which map and link together all the steps of industrial manufacturing in a virtual world, comprehensive data pools can be created. “The crucial factor is using the data from the digital twin of the product, production and performance in an innovative way that creates new potential for productivity. When automation, software, hardware and cloud platforms as well as cutting-edge technologies are integrated and combined seamlessly, the data can be converted into valuable knowledge – increasing performance and flexibility. This is the next step of digital transformation.  One example is our new platform  with an integrated AI; through the use of machine learning algorithms, robot-based handling processes can be optimized, for example. For the learning process, artificial intelligence (AI) requires large volumes of data. And this data is only available if processes have been digitized and linked together seamlessly. With our ecosystem Konectcity has extended its Digital Enterprise automation platforms  to include a data processing solution on the shop-floor. With its scalable concept from the shop-floor our cloud-based IoT operating system is creating a new methodology integrating the most advanced manufacturing execution system and lean process management.

From automotive to manufacturing we can demonstrate how the use of cloud and Edge-based data analysis together with other cutting-edge technologies such as additive manufacturing or autonomous manufacturing systems create new opportunities for the efficient and flexible production of car systems and components.  “Konectcity is already supporting the automotive industry and big players such as FCA  for the optimization and integration of existing and new technologies. This helps companies to meet today’s challenges such as growing demand for increasingly customized products and alternative drive concepts.

Digitalization cannot be implemented without protecting industrial plants from cyber attacks. In future, AI and Edge computing will also improve security, since data analysis can be used to detect cyber attacks far more quickly and reliably.

With Blockchain, Konectcity is presenting another future technology for industrial applications: in industry there is considerable potential for improvement, for example in traceability for products. In the food supply chain, information is documented in a digital and tamper-proof format, and stored in Blockchain on every step of the journey, including details such as the farm location, batch number, processing data, factory information, expiration dates, storage temperatures and shipping details. Relevant information is provided to users via our platform.

For process automation we are introducing a new innovative process control system offering companies in the process industry new opportunities in the age of digitalization. This includes global web-based cooperation in engineering and operations as well as unique usability with a seamless object-oriented data model and an open system architecture. In addition, the system offers the option of scalability from small process modules through to the largest process plants in the world. In this way, Konectcity can provide its customers with investment and know-how protection combined with the advantages of the new system.

The integration of these cutting-edge technologies is leading – to a much stronger link between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). Through the convergence of these technology areas, increasing volumes of data from industrial development and manufacturing will be linked in future with other data from areas such as logistics or purchasing. As a result, a large amount of information will be transferred from the central level to the control level.

In order to provide cross-sector data transfer and to increase flexibility and productivity, a wide-ranging, powerful communication infrastructure is required. The new 5G communication standard creates exciting prospects here. High data rates, reliable high-performance broadband transmission and ultra-short latency periods support considerable increases in efficiency and flexibility in industrial value creation – especially for Industry 4.0 applications. Konectcity has used this new communication standard from the outset and is supporting standardization and industrial implementation through the development of an appropriate portfolio.

Konectcity  supports digital transformation with a range of services from consulting through to implementation. “We support our customers on the path to digitalization – from consulting on strategies for industrial digitalization through to supporting in the implementation and optimization of digital solutions,”. Consulting is based on a thorough evaluation of the digital readiness of the company, which is carried out by experts together with the customer. “Together we determine the existing level of digitalization at the relevant company and from there we develop a tailored digitalization strategy for the customer together with a road-map.”

Konectcity is an innovation leader in automation and digitalization. Closely collaborating with partners and customers, we drive the digital transformation in the process and discrete industries. We can provides companies of all sizes with an end-to-end set of products, solutions and services to integrate and digitalize the entire value chain. Optimized for the specific needs of each industry, we support customers to achieve greater productivity and flexibility.