Smart City Municipalities Case Study

Problem: Manual paper based systems, lack of system processes & procedures, manual tasks, poor time management, loss of revenue, Budgets overspend.


Municipalities have the power to levy and collect local taxes and have their own police forces. The municipality issue ordinances and run certain public health services, and are responsible for such services as public transport, refuse collection, street lighting, building and maintenance.

Our Technology Team was mandated to implement Smart Technology to help lower costs and increase efficiencies.

A collage of Florence showing the Galleria degli Uffizi (top left), followed by the Palazzo Pitti, a sunset view of the city and the Fountain of Neptune in the Piazza della Signoria.

Contracted by Teseo Spa, supplier of services to the municipality, we received the task of aggregating, connecting and centralizing all data points, systems and sub systems ( sensors, cameras, parking, ticket counter, payments, plate reading, accesses, intrusions, fee collection) related to smart municipal parking.

We aggregated all hardware and database generating data so to offer one single access point inclusive of all layers related to services and systems with full remote control.

The control officers know in real time how many stalls are free,occupied or in violation. In the first six months since installation, the centralized parking system collected more than the 175% of its usual budget with great satisfaction of daily commuters.

With the aim of maximizing resources reducing losses and personnel dedicated to intensive paper work and financial transactions, we offered our technology as a all-in solution dedicated to enterprise accounting and works management allowing to keep track of financial transactions and the data those transactions generate granting relief from the day-to-day back office tasks.

Our created collaborative platform enables collaboration to take place everywhere in the organization, giving structure to workflow and fostering internal communications enabling city hall employees to be on the same page whenever a new task is open, thus resulting into greater efficiency for their execution without papers being lost or data being out of sync.

Thanks to our optimized efficiency and co-operative platform, the municipality was able to reduce expenses, in mostly extra working hours, reduced the number of purchases in stationery by 45% and increased overall efficiency from 34% to a 78% in response to public requirements.

Trapani seen from Erice. The islands of Favignana (left) and Levanzo (right) can be seen in the background.

The municipality required advanced digital solutions to integrate video surveillance, parking  and traffic control.

Our platform can easily integrate any piece of technology connecting all sort of database and payment circuits reading plate numbers at the same time using advanced imaging features.

Video surveillance, parking and traffic control were employing an excessive number of officers and personnel, often slow in responding and not overly engaged, leaving many tasks outstanding, resulting in unpaid tickets, illegally occupied lots.

With our system all reports are instantly displayed. Plate numbers are scanned as they cross the portal and fees are electronically transmitted. In the first year alone, the municipality was able to recover additionally over 3.5 million Euros.

Project Evaluation Phase
Project Execution